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Významová slovesa

bring call come get
give have keep make
put take turn

Seznam sloves

bring about přivodit, způsobit Socialism has brought about great changes in the lives of ordinary people.
bring back vrátit Don´t forget to bring the boks back.
bring to an end ukončit Another war would bring civilization to an end.
bring up vychovat He was an orphan and was brought up by his aunts.
call at zastavit se (někde) We should call at Bob´s while we are in London.
call for zastavit se (pro někoho/něco) What time shall I call for you tomorrow?
call off zrušit, odvolat (aby se nekonalo) The picnic was called off because of bad weather.
call round (at) zastavit se (u někoho, na návštěvu) Do call round when you have the time – we are at home most evenings.
come across narazit (přijít) na něco I came across a valuable painting in the antique shop.
come back vrátit se I came back late last night.
come in vstoupit, vjet, přijet Come in! The train has just come in.
come in useful/handy hodit se Don´t throw it away – it may come in useful/handy one day.
come out vyjít najevo The truth will come out before long.
come out vypadnout, vyjít These photos didn´t come out very well.
come round přijít na návštěvu Why don´t you come round to our place?
come round přijít k sobě (nabýt vědomí) He fainted 5 minutes ago and he still hasn´t come round.
come up to dosáhnout (něčeho) The film didn´t come up to my expectation. (nesplnil mé očekávání)
come up to přistoupit k (někomu) A stranger came up to me and asked…
come up with vystoupit, přijít s něčím He came up with a better plan.
get along/on with  vycházet s někým My mother – in – law and I don´t always get along very well.
get away uniknout, utéci Two murderers got away from prison.
get back dostat zpět I lent him a book once and I never got it back.
get behind/ fall behind opozdit se She couldn´t keep up with the rest of class and got badly behind.
get down to pustit se do něčeho Let´s get down to work.
get in nastoupit, nasednout (do auta, ...) The taxi stopped and we got in.
get in contact/touch navázat styk, spojit se You´d better get in contact/touch with a lawyer.
get off vystoupit (z dopravního prostředku) I forgot to get off at Newcastle and was taken to Edinburgh.
get on nastoupit (do dopravního prostředku) You should get on a bus at Trafalgar square.
get on somebody´s nerves jít někomu na nervy This noise must get on everybody´s nerves.
get on for (o čase) jde, táhne It´s getting on for five. He´s getting on for seventy.
get on/along with vycházet s někým How are you getting on with your boss?
get out of vyhnout se něčemu (npř. povinnosti) He´d like to get out of going to school.
get over překonat, přemoci (něco) It took her a long time to get over her dissapointement.
get over zotavit se (z něčeho) Has he got over his illness yet?
get through projít (uspět u zkoušky) I don´t think he managed to get through his French exam.
get through to dostat spojení (telefonem) I couldn´t get through to the police.
get up vstávat He always gets up at six in the morning.
give away    prozradit Be careful, don´t give yourself away.
give up zanechat, vzdát se (něčeho) I´ll give up my job – I don´t like the commuting to Prague.
give way to ustoupit (někomu, něčemu) The old houses gave way to a modern residential area.
have an affair with mít s někým poměr He has an affair with a married woman.
have an effect působit, účinkovat, mít vliv Cold wet weather has a bad effect on my rheumatism.
have nothing to do with nemít nic společného s (někým) I don´t want to have anything to do with them – the are not honest.
have something on mít něco na sobě I had a clean shirt on.
have something on mít něco, mít nějaký program Have you got anything on tonight?
have a good time mít se dobře Have a good time on your holiday.
have a word with promluvit si s  (kvůli udělení rady) I´d like to have a word with you.
keep in touch udržovat styk We spent our holiday together and have kept in touch since.
keep off neustupovat (vyhnout se něčemu) Keep off the grass.
keep on doing st stále něco dělat, nepřestat He keeps on telling everybody what to do.
keep to držet se (něčeho) Keep to the left.
keep up udržovat ( v dobrém stavu, na výši) He can´t afford to keep up the house. How do you keep up your Russian?
keep up with udržovat krok s (někým, něčím) Tom is studying harder now, let´s hope he´ll keep up with the rest of the class.
make out pochopit, rozluštit I can´t make out whether this figure is a three or a five.
make out rozeznat (v mlze, ve tmě) It´s hard to make out the bridge n this fog.
make up vymyslet si You must be making this whole story up.
make up dělat, tvořit (celek z částí) A body is made up of cells.
make up (na)líčit se She makes up her face every morning.
make up for vynahradit You kindness makes up for all the difficulties we´ve had.
put aside dát stranou I have put aside a little sum of money for an emergency.
put down zapsat I put down his telephone number.
put forward posunout (kupředu) The wedding was put forward from June 3 to June 19.
put in order dát do pořádku Before my departure Iĺl put my things in order.
put off odložit (na jindy) Let´s put it off until tomorrow.
put off odradit His manners put off customers.
put on obléci I don´t know what clothes to put on.
put out uhasit (oheň), zhasnout světlo Put out all the lights before you leave, will you?
put on přibrat He has put on weight ten pounds.
put through spojit (telefonicky s někým) I´ll put you through to the manager.
put up zvednout John and Andrew often put up their hands.
put up (for the night) ubytovat (někoho) I wonder whether you can put me up – just for one night.
put up with smířit se s něčím, snášet něco I can´t put up with his stupid jokes any longer.
take after   být (po někom) The boy takes after his father.
take away vzít pryč, odejmout The parents had to také their boy away from boarding school.
take into account/consideration vzít v úvahu You must také into account all the circumstances.
take off zout, svléknout, sundat He entered the room and took off his coat.
take off startovat (o letadle) That plane is taking off for London
take off vzít si volno You need a break – why not také a day off (from work) ?
take on přibrat, přijmout The department is planning to také on more staff.
take over (from) převzít (zejména kontrolu podniku, od někoho) A new owner took over the newspaper from Lord Thompson.
take up začít se věnovat činnosti He took up stamp collectiong last year.
take care of pečovat, starat se (o něco, o někoho) She can také good care of herself.
take part in účastnit se něčeho (contest, celebration, activity) I am going to také part in the competion.
take place konat se The ceremony will také place in the square.
take one´s time (over) dát si na čas s čím He likes to také his time over his meals.
take turns (with) střídat se (v něčem) They agreed to také turns with the cooking.
turn down odmítnout The firm offered him the job of assistant manager but he turned the offer down.
turn off vypnout (světlo, přístroj) Let´s turn the TV off – this programme is terrible.
turn on zapnout (opak turn off) Turn on the TV, please – the seriál should start any moment now.
turn out ukázat se (být nějakým) The party turned out to be a success.
turn up objevit se, dostavit se He turns up late for everything.

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